Where engineering expertise MEETS brewing know how

iQ PROCESS is a process integrator specialized in turnkey solutions for the brewing and beverages industry. We design and build customized plants and process modules in a highly professional manner. Being based in Belgium, we have a special focus on the various aspects of the production of specialty beers.

Project partner

With 30+ years experience in project execution on international & local level. A real specialist in brewery processing, with know-how for related beverages. We design, build and integrate turnkey plants, build and integrate skid based modules, or carry out revamping jobs.

From study to startup

If you need support to develop and guide your project, we can assist with advice which is based on real experience from the field,  typically carried through short/midterm pre-engineering at assignments.

What do we stand for...

Creativity and flexibility when finding the best solution for you. Professionalism and dedication in our project realizations. Maintaining a high integrity standard along the way to ensure future cooperation.  Drinking a good beer, of course … cheers!

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Our works

Our expertise is based on 25 years of working in the brewing industry with different major groups as well as
midsize and smaller breweries. You‘ll find a selection of our realizations below.

Complete plants including fermentation – maturation – bright Beer cellars with automatic or manual routing systems, …

We design and build our own flash pasteurisers, cabonators, blending units, beer warmers, …

We design and build propagation systems, yeast storage plants, dried yeast dissolving/activation tanks, …
A variety of systems for inline dosing and batch mixing. Most are skid based, for applications such as: sugar & yeast dosing.
Craft breweries – depending on their size – demand a more basic design with often a lower degree of automation to start with.
We can help to develop your project by capacity calculations (actual and future growth), CAPEX budget costing, …


Our Team

Bert De Wit - zaakvoerder
Julie Van De Woestyne - Project Manager
Guido Geens - Zaakvoerder
Jo Fias - Project Manager


Laurijs Gewatstraat 58 2650 Nijlen, Belgium

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